My windows had been in a bad way for a long time – draughty, letting in noise from the street, not closing properly, hard to open etc. I had always thought that I would have to replace the whole window to fix these problems. However, the guys from UPVC Window Repairs came out and took a look and they assured me that they could do the job by replacing the moving parts only.

After a few hours work my windows were like new. Even more importantly the noise levels in my room are dramatically reduced as is the draught that was making it very difficult to heat my room. The work was done to a very high standard and done very quickly.

I cannot recommend UPVC Window Repairs enough. I’ll definitely be calling them in the future if I have problems with my windows.

Emmet Clarke

Finally I can open my windows. Hurray. Why did it take me so long to get my windows fixed? Well I’ll tell you why….because every company I called tried to rob me blind. I heard of UPVC Window Repairs from a neighbour and wow did they surprise me. Not only did they do the job at more or less half the price of the other quotes, they were quick, on the ball, friendly and did I mention cheap LOL. Thanks you guys and I hope this testimonial gets you even more satisfied customers.

Marianne – Goatstown

Fantastic work I’m really really happy with the service you provided and I can’t thank you enough. Thought my windows were going to be like that forever as the quotes we got elsewhere were to say the least, mad. We’re truly happy thank you.

Mr. & Mrs Ashdown – Merrion Square

Brilliant service and brilliant prices, I’ll be letting the whole estate know about you guys. Cheers.”

Lisa – Clonee, Co. Dublin

If anyone like myself needs new handles on their windows because you couldn’t open them for the past year, give upvc window repairs a call and you’ll be glad you did. Mmmmmm fresh air again, thanks a million.”

Kasia – Capel Street

I’m a landlord in the city with a good few apartments upvc windows are the business. Quick, efficient, reliable and the most important word in today’s climate, AFFORDABLE. Give them a call, get yourself a quote and you’ll go with them just like I did. Cheers.

T.C – City Centre

Door locks not opening, windows hinges wreaked, missing keys, yes our place is kinda old. So when we decided finally to renovate we called around and the best quote my a mile was upvc window repairs. They came out, assessed what needed to be done, told us how long it would take and the price of which we were both happy with. Excellent workmanship and thank you again.”

Rob – Terrenure

Our apartment door was never fitted correctly. The door hung on a bent hinge which caused the door to stick and created an annoying draft. Not anymore! Upvc Window Repair sorted it in no time at all and at a very reasonable price. Finally I can open my door with ease and confidence that we can leave the apartement safe and sound. I’d be happy to recommend them to anyone. Thanks.

Alan – Johnstown, Navan

We moved to a new apartment about a year ago. The windows leaked water and created drafts in the bedroom. Upvc window repair replaced the rubber seals and fixed the hinged that was causing the problem. Evertyhting was done quickly and cheaply. I would highly recommend upvc window repair.

Paul Byrne – Swords, Co. Dublin

The locking mechanism broke on our back door. UPVC window repair replace the mechanism and it was back to normal. All done within 24hrs of making the call. Great work. Thanks

Philip, Finglas, Dublin 11

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