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PVC-windowMost homes throughout Dublin and Ireland benefit from double or even triple glazed PVC or aluminium windows and doors.  They come in all shapes and sizes, but there are things that can go wrong with them and sometimes window repairs Dublin do come in to play.

The window, whether hinged or sliding should be able to move and ‘glide’ easily without any effort on your part and should open fully or as far as the mechanism allows them.

There are many different qualities, grades and brands in uPVC windows like in anything and some will have parts that will last a lifetime, while others easily wear down and bend out of shape.

When checking for window repairs, see if your windows came with any warranty as the original company may be required to repair the window, so you won’t have to call us out to do the job.

Most common faults in upvc window repairs:

  • The lock no longer engages with the locking mechanism inside the window
  • There is a draught coming through the window
  • Outside noise is coming through the window
  • Glass is ‘dirty’ or foggy between the windows
  • The hinge is bent – making it hard or impossible to close or lock the window
  • The locking lever is loose or no longer turning
  • The window is very stiff or won’t move at all

Often fault lie in bad original installation, low quality windows with cheap fixings or accidental damage.   A build up of dirt can also wear away or hinder the window mechanism and eventually break the window.

We deal with all these general faults day in and day out and they are all repairable – most jobs taking no longer than an hour and only requiring one visit.

We do always recommend in window repairs that as soon as there is a problem to deal with it; for one problem will accumulate other problems and additional costs.

So for window repairs Dublin or surrounding counties, call us today for a quote.

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